What’s Your Standard For Canceling An Appointment? The ONE Thing Podcast With Josh Friberg, Episode 40

Today’s Big Idea: Time-blocking is reserving specific time for a specific purpose. Protect your time-block by considering it an appointment with yourself.

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What is The ONE Thing Workshop My name is Josh Friberg. I am a lifelong trainer. I am a certified trainer of The ONE Thing Workshop, built off the best-seller by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. Who is this for? The entrepreneur, business owner, or leader looking for greater productivity, lower stress, and how to balance well in your professional and personal life. We are going to go deep into making your life amazing, not by doing more, but by doing less.

Learn to give appointments with yourself the same weight as an appointment with a doctor. Remember, it’s not just a promise to you, it’s a promise that affects others.

Guidelines for Time-Blocking:

  1. Set-aside specific hours, time and place.
  2. If you must cancel, reschedule.
  3. Have a cancellation policy.

Start with one hour of time-blocking.

You can to choose to change it if it is important, but replace it.

Simply say, “I have an appointment” – even if there isn’t another person involved.

People don’t usually ask you the nature of your appointment. Cal Newport, “It’s ok to make your no firm and your reason vague.” This will get you out of 90% scheduled conflicts.

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