If You Were the Boss, Would You Fire You? – Concept 1 Training: The ONE Thing Workshop With Josh Friberg – Episode #51


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Today’s Big Idea: How to maintain your focus and reach your goals in a whirlwind of competing priorities.

What is The ONE Thing Workshop My name is Josh Friberg. I am a lifelong trainer. I am a certified trainer of The ONE Thing Workshop, built off the best-seller by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. Who is this for? The entrepreneur, business owner, or leader looking for greater productivity, lower stress, and how to balance well in your professional and personal life. We are going to go deep into making your life amazing, not by doing more, but by doing less.

Three steps to achieve your goals:

  1. Write them down: You more likely to succeed just by writing down your goals.
  2. Time Blocking: Once you have a goal, set aside time to work on it and protect it.
  3. Coaching and Accountability: A good coach asks good questions, forces you to face reality and find solutions.

Try to distinguish between your job (what you do)  and your business (what we do).

Format for Goal setting GPS: Goals, Priorities, Strategies.

Dr. Gail Matthews, research on goal setting and achievement.

You are 40% more likely to succeed just by writing down your goals.

You are 76.7% more likely to achieve your goals if you just have to send progress reports weekly.

Smarter, Better, Faster book by Charles Duhigg Use both stretch goals (vision) and smart goals (attainable).

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